Setting Menu on 5play v.6.7 Themes

Setting Menu on 5play v.6.7 Themes
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if you use new version 5play Themes you can add menu on menu setting.. ok lets starting now

its only work for 5play Themes version v6.6 up

adding menu on menu setting

screenshot 7

Primary menu

first make new menu.. header primary

screenshot 3

screenshot 5

menu 5play

screenshot 6

Navigation Label : Games
CSS Classes (optional) : games
Svg Icon : <i class="s-yellow c-icon"><svg width="24" height="24"><use xlink:href="#i__gamepad"></use></svg></i>

Navigation Label : Apps
CSS Classes (optional) : apps
Svg Icon : <i class="s-purple c-icon"><svg width="24" height="24"><use xlink:href="#i__apps"></use></svg></i>

Navigation Label : Top 100
CSS Classes (optional) : top
Svg Icon: <i class="s-red c-icon"><svg width="24" height="24"><use xlink:href="#i__cup"></use></svg></i>

Navigation Label : News
CSS Classes (optional) : news
Svg Icon : <i class="s-blue c-icon"><svg width="24" height="24"><use xlink:href="#i__flash"></use></svg></i>

Sub header menu

first make new menu.. header sub menu

screenshot 4

just add your menu…. no used svg icon or class

if you dont want to used and just want used from panel, just delete all menu on menus setting.